THE CEMA SUMMIT - Date To Be Confirmed

EXPANDING THE "B A S E" TO JESUS THROUGH MARY by means of CEMA's Calls to Confraternity, Consecration & Divine Mercy.

  • This second Summit will feature David Carollo, Executive Director of the World Apostolate of Fatima and the Blue Army Shrine.
  • Our Lady is leveraging CEMA to sanctify souls and bring them to our Eucharistic Lord.
  • The geography of the Catholic Church can be broadly broken down to its Universal, National and Diocesan dimensions. 
  • CEMA is ordered towards the Universal dimension through its calls to Confraternity, Consecration and Divine Mercy.
  • Intentionally building the BASE to Jesus through Mary establishes affiliation with: Bishops, who represent ecclesial authority; Apostolates who are the "laborers for the harvest;" and Shrines that act as identifiable beachheads by which to employ CEMA's 3 Calls. 


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THE CEMA SUMMIT - February 21st, 2023

BUILDING THE "B A S E"* TO JESUS THROUGH MARY by means of CEMA's Calls to Confraternity, Consecration & Divine Mercy.

  • The inaugural CEMA Summit, featuring a keynote address by Fr. Chris Alar, MIC, brought together bishops from the US and Canada, Apostolates from Europe and North America, and representatives from multiple Shrines.** 
  • The keynote address, followed by the Q&A with commentary by the bishops in attendence, will be available on video replay in the coming weeks. 
  • Among the topics discussed during the Q&A, "Reaching children" garnered particular attention. 
  • The CEMA Steering Team is commited to building on the momentum of the Summit by intentionally fostering collaboration between bishops, apostolates and shrines through the calls to Confraternity, Consecration and Divine Mercy.

*The inspiration for BASE developed through the experience of the Papal Visit Procession from Canada's National Marian Shrine to the Papal Mass in the summer of 2022. Bishops, apostolates, and shrines welcomed the pilgrim statue of Our Lady of the Cape across Canada illuminating Jesus' priestly prayer; "that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me." (RSVCE) 

**Registered participants included Bishops from Ontario, Quebec & Milwaukee; Apostolates from the USA, Canada, Ireland, Poland, England, & Malta, Reps from shrines including the Shrine at Fatima, Portugal, Canada's National Marian Shrine, the National Shrine of Divine Mercy, the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help, the Blue Army Shrine, Shrine of the Immaculate Heart from the USA and the Rosary Shrine in the UK. 

CEMA SUMMIT Video Replay

Video Content Markers:

  • Intro - Pat Moertl
  • 6:06 Prayers (English, Spanish and French - Fr. Richard Heilman, Bishop Martin Laliberte, Bishop Pierre-Olivier Tremblay. 
  • 7:47 Opening Remarks - Pat Moertl
  • 9:36 Keynote address - Fr. Chris Alar, MIC 
  • 36:52 Q & A with Fr. Chris Alar, MIC
  • 53:56 Comments from Bishop Martin Laliberte
  • 57:20 Comments from Bishop Pierre-Olivier Tremblay
  • 1:03:30 Bishop Joseph Coffee
  • 1:10 Comments from Fr. Richard Heilman
  • Balance of the Video Replay Q & A with Fr. Chris Alar plus comments from various CEMA Apostolates and open discussion.